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For photographers…

As an experienced wedding photographer, having run my business for over 10 years now, I know that none of us stop learning. 

Our industry is fast moving and highly competitive, but equally incredibly rewarding. It does mean that that we have to keep on top of our game. But this can be fun!

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Mentoring for Pros and semi-pros

Offering you professional support and guidance as you embark on the exciting journey of your wedding photography career.  We can spend time together over coffee (and cake!) to discover out the best action plan for you, discussing real home truths and avoiding common pitfalls so you don’t need to learn from your own mistakes. This is totally tailored to you.


Areas we can cover are:

  •  Editing and creating your own unique style
  •  Branding and website
  •  Marketing and creating value to attract your ideal clients
  • Enquiries to bookings and beyond – looking at workflow and providing a service
  • Technical support and shooting in natural light
  • Experience with real-live shoots and how to get the best out of your subjects
  • Practical light guide throughout the wedding day from natural light to OCF
  • Introduction to using off-camera flash and continuous light to produce natural shots in difficult    situations and creative night portraits


Sessions start at £285 for 1:1 full day in my studio, including practical experience and an action plan to take with you and a follow up Facetime session.


Skype mentor sessions: £95 for 3 x 2 hour Skype sessions that will work through your needs and monitor your progress over a time. This includes your own personal action plan, bespoke on-line tutorials and critiques, and the chance to


Photography training courses

This is ideal for keen amateurs who would like to know more. Whether photography is a passion of yours but you just need to know how to take it to the next level, or perhaps you’ve received your first DSLR for Christmas and you want to capture those amazing cheeky moments of your children or grandchildren…this is for you.


Whatever your level, I offer bespoke 1:1 training sessions that work primarily with discovering more about how your camera works and getting the best out of your portraits. We can cover different aspects of portraiture, from street photography and lifestyle portraiture to studio based set ups . Each session explores how you can come closer to being the photographer you want to be- filling in your knowledge gaps and improving your skills base.

Exploring subjects such as:

  •  Discovering your camera
  • -Choosing the right kit for the right job
  • Understanding Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO
  • Focusing modes
  • Portraiture and working with children
  • Working with natural-light
  • Introduction to flash photography

Join me in my studio for a chance to relax and learn for a mixture of practical  and technical advice, plus projects to undertake for our next session.


1:1 sessions:                    book a single 2 hour session for £45, or a course of 3 sessions for £120

Group bookings:            4 hour session £220 (max 4 people)

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